About Us

The Narrative Shift Vision

Our vision for the company has always been about making “big agency” quality services accessible to a new venture budget. And second is the flexibility in the range of things we can do for new ventures and our willingness to tailor them to each client’s specific needs.


Who We Serve

We focus nearly exclusively on providing our services to new ventures in the healthcare technology & biotech markets. We’ve seen too much crappy marketing and design developed for healthcare technology companies and have made it our mission to provide the industry with a source for attractive, witty, creative, and effective messaging. Of course, we reserve the right to focus on other things as well.

J Erin Hutchinson


As the owner of Narrative Shift, launched in 2013, the common thread running through Erin’s career history is her passion for the launch of new business ventures. By her early 20s, she’d developed a reputation in her city for being able to launch successful small businesses, including two restaurants, a cafe, clothing stores, and even a small video store chain. This served as a phenomenal training ground for all aspects of growing a company, from sales and marketing to the fundamentals of business operations, finance, and staff management.

Erin transitioned from small business development to healthcare after grad school, where she trained as a clinical psychologist with a specialization in narrative therapy. This included receiving intensive training with the country’s leading narrative therapy practitioners and trainers at the Evanston Family Therapy Center.

She moved into healthcare management and IT consulting after a brief period of clinical work, and spent nearly 20 years in a leadership capacity within healthcare management consulting firms, hospitals, and even was one of Epic’s early employees in the 1990s. During this time, she continued to “indulge” in her passion for new ventures, having been a ground floor-level leader for more than a half dozen technology firms.

Her graphic design & marketing experiences also stretches back nearly two decades. Prior to founding Narrative Shift, she provided both marketing & design services to the majority of the new ventures in which she’s been involved, as well as offering pro bono services to a wide range of non-profit organizations. She still mourns the demise of Aldus Freehand.


Fun Facts

  • Current Home Town: The tiny township of Herbster, Wisconsin, on the south shore of Lake Superior
  • Favorite Past Job: Pastry chef
  • Hidden Talent: Has a certificate in clowning, having gone to clown college in her teens
  • Family Life: Niko, Freyja, and Rupert
  • Motto: “Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff.”

Brian Mitchell

Executive Sales Strategist

Brian has 25 years of healthcare and 35 years of sales and marketing experience with Burroughs Corporation (Unisys), DEC (HP), IDX (GE Healthcare) and SPi Healthcare (Conifer Health).  Brian has consistently been a top individual sales producer and has led sales teams to number one status at IDX and GE Healthcare.  Brian also was awarded the President’s Winner Circle Leadership Award at GE Healthcare.  Brian has an MBA in Healthcare Management and earned a double undergraduate major in Business Administration and Economics. He has won many awards including the GREAT Award for academic, professional and life achievement. Brian is a member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team. 

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