Narrative What?

What’s with this Narrative Stuff?

What connects us as humans? Narratives. The one universal aspect of the human experience is that we communicate & even create our reality through narratives (aka “stories”). We use narratives to make sense of our world, our experience, our sense of self, and how we communicate these things to others.

Think back to those cave paintings, the earliest example of written & visual communication: those paintings were created to tell a story. It’s how we connect with each other and make sense of who we are.

The Power of a Strong Narrative

A powerful narrative is the most effective way to build your brand, get the attention of prospective customers, and establish stickiness with your existing customers.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to:

Create Strong Connections with Customers

 Makes an emotional connection with customers, imprinting a memory

Make Your Prospects Excited to Learn More

 Generates excitement and curiosity, leaving prospects wanting to hear & learn more

Create a Clear & Compelling Brand

Establish a strong identity for your company & brand

Tell a Story that Draws in Your Prospects

Clearly communicates the who, what, why & how behind your company

Make More Sales!

Ensures you never get a “so what” response from a prospect (the sales process death knell)