Why Narrative Shift?

Why Choose Us?

We hope you choose us because of our good looks and even better sense of humor. But it’s more likely going to be due to a combination of our healthcare expertise, wicked creative talents, and compelling price point.

Narrative Quals

The concept of storytelling as a marketing & advertising tool has become a bit of a “thing” over the last couple of years, with agencies & consultants popping up saying they’ll help you tell a good story. But what qualifies someone to do this? We’re not ones to brag, but we have an actual post-graduate degree in this stuff.

Start Up Expertise

We’ve launched or helped to launch over 30 new ventures thus far, so we know the ins and outs (and pain points) of building a business from the ground up. We know the only reason to hire a firm like ours is to grow one’s business. Why else spend time thinking about logo colors, blog content, trade show booth carpeting options, etc.? Our unique combination of experience, skills and services all serve to drive growth towards your near and long-term goals.

Healthcare Market Expertise

We know healthcare, period. With over 23 years of experience, including care delivery, consulting, and numerous healthcare-related start ups, we feel it’s fair to call ourselves experts in the provider market vertical. This expertise sets us apart from other full service design & marketing firms.

This means you don’t need to waste your time educating us and providing us with the content for marketing & sales deliverables. That saves a lot of money and accelerates how quickly we can get your web site designed, collateral developed, etc.

We’re Awesomely Fun

Finally, we’re just darn fun to work with – we know that launching and running a new venture is incredibly stressful, so we want to make our clients feel at ease and get in a laugh or two during each meeting (while also doing great work).